Basic Cemetery Preservation Workshop


The Mrs and I recently attend a Basic Cemetery Preservation Workshop sponsored by the Indiana Historical Society.

The bulk of the outdoor class was instructed by The Graveyard Groomer. These guys are like graveyard rock stars.

After some training we got a chance to practice what they’d preached.  While probing, I actually found something… it’s… a… Holy Schnikes!

I found a spot where some stones had been laid out and buried.  I think the oldest was 1837 and another from the 1850′s.  And that, my friend, is some neat stuff.

It appears that sometime in the past there were some markers that someone didn’t know what to do with, and they just dug a hole and buried the lot of them. There’s no telling how long they had been buried.  The most recent cemetery listing for that site I could find online was from 2001, but I’m assuming it’s been far longer than 10 years.

As a group, we found two spots where that had happened.

A couple of weeks after the workshop I took some aerial photos of the cemetery.  I still need to pull them off the camera, but will get them uploaded.

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